Post Production and Editing

(Posted On: 12-10-2015)

Editing is one of the most popular and creative trends out there today. Editing is a real art forum and creates the pace for your film or video. A video editor is given a huge amount of material "raw footage" and has to take it all away to create something that engages the audience. In a lot of ways its kind of like what Michelangelo did for the famous David statue. He was given lots of marble and over time chipped away at it and created something that is considered a masterpiece.

The video by itself is usually long and boring, not very interesting to watch. A great editor will see it and instantly get inspiring ideas on how to make it look good. A video editor also bring a huge amount of himself to the project. The finished project is usually determined on how the editor interprets it. So a good editor is key.

Video editing can be a very long process and requires much patience while putting the clips together. Seeing it as an art form and a creative process can bring a lot of excitement into what you are doing and actually make it fun.

In today's industry there are many different editing platforms such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier Pro. The editing software keeps getting more advanced which is also helping video editors do complicated jobs much quicker and the programs are becoming way more user friendly.

The creative process of editing includes first organizing your project by importing all of the raw footage into folders. Then you bring the clips into the edit timeline. When you feel like the clips are in good order inside the timeline you can then add music, titles and graphics to make the project more exciting and enjoyable to the viewer.

Another part of the post production process is sound editing and mixing. Program's such as logic pro and pro tools are probably the most used out there today. This is one of my favorite areas because it is even possible to import your edited video to the sound production program and actually mix the sound while watching your edited clip. Logic pro and pro tools also allows you to compose music to the pictures while watching them back. This is such a cool process and the more production skills that you have built over the years the more exciting and enjoyable this becomes.

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