7 Things For Making Your First Video

(Posted On: 05-10-2015)

Making your first music video could be one of the most enriching experiences of your life. Right from the time when you start thinking of a concept, visualising the content and treatment, to every further stage of planning (props, people, location) and to the filming and editing of the final cut; you'd feel like preparing your own spell of magic.

Even though dreaming is easy, doing the bit is always hard! Isn't that what we always hear? Well, for those of you who haven't made a music video before, here are our expert tips to guide you along.

We will talk about the importance of key elements involved in:

  • Teamwork
  • Ideas
  • Treatment
  • Budget
  • Planning
  • Direction
  • Editing and reviewing



At the heart of any good film-making lies teamwork. Even though there is just one Director, all successful shoots have a healthy and amicable work environment on the set with plenty of laughs. Remember that no one wants to feel left out, so talk to your team and keep them on the same page. Explain your thoughts and be receptive of theirs.


Take your time in picking the one best idea from among many mediocre ones. Think about the song, what is the message behind it and also about who would be watching it. Think what they would feel after watching your video and listening to the music. Also, think about your identity as a band. You don't always need to do a M.I.A., even a simple performance video that's shot beautifully could be enough.


It involves the words and pictures that would describe the actions. You don't have to depict every second of the video, but just some key frames to get the idea across. You would need an artist to do this for you, however, even an image mood board could be as effective.


How much can you pump in the project is always an important consideration. Even though everyone may have a budget, they don't necessarily have a great idea. Build on your ideas first and then look at your budget, sometimes imagination and a little common sense will surprise you.


The keywords here are Common sense, Charm and Imagination. Be a realist. Plan only for what you can actually do. If you are on a low budget, ask for favours - You might be able to shoot in an office space at the end of the day or on a weekend, instead of renting it for an entire day.

Also, conduct meetings with your team at every important stage. You can't always do this in person, so use the phone!

Prepare a check-list of things you need to do in advance and keep adding to it. Be clear in your directions, if you need someone to fetch an equipment, then state clearly what you need (model number, make, etc.).


Choose your Director carefully as they would have their signature impact on the final feel and look of the video. Communicate your vision with them clearly as they would have their own thoughts about the video. However, if you are directing it yourself, then you will need to work even harder on Teamwork.

Editing and reviewing

One of the most overlooked aspect that slips consideration of many is Editing. But the fact is that your Editor and Director need to work together to give the video it's desired feel. You will find that a lot of Directors have their own favourite Editors that they like to work with. You should review their show reel work and then decide on who's best for you.

An average editing process involves:

  • Logging of data.
  • Assembly edit - arranging the footage in order like that of the storyboard. Basically, it's the desired flow of the video.
  • A few more review stages.


The final stage before your video is ready involves a reviewing the edits. Here's what you should look to do:


  • Look at it as a team
  • Watch it at least thrice before you start discussing it. Watch it at full screen, with sound turned off and also with sound on and a screen size it would normally be watched at (like on YouTube).
  • Write down the first reactions and then compare them when you watch a second and third time.
  • You shouldn't normally have any big surprises if everybody has done their job well. However, in case there is something that is left out or needs to be re-done, then discuss it over with the team.

After all that work, what you should really strive for is completing your video. Even though you may not be a 100% satisfied with the results, you would be accumulating a lot of experience for the next one.

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