Top 3 Steps for Producing a Great Video

(Posted On: 28-09-2015)

If you want to create a quality video then you need to ensure that you are well prepared. Overlooking even smaller things will lead to complete wastage of your efforts. The videos that you are producing should consist of a polished presentation and everything should be systematic. However, at the same time the systematic procedures should not hamper the creativity of the video. Following are some of the best steps that you should follow for producing a great video.

Creativity Vs Practicality
It is a well know fact that it is easier to conceptualize then to actually implement it. We may think of various sci-fi movies like Avatar, Star Wars and X-Men etc. and in our mind we can actually plan the locations of cameras and lights. However, we need to be more practical. Thus, we need to jot down the points. Also, list of inspired shots will surely be of great help. You need to ask yourself many questions about the location, setting, duration and angle of the shoots. Also, an ad shoot is different from a movie shoot or a documentary shoot, thus the requirements are different.

Get Your Needs Right
Once you have outlined your requirements and are focused there are still things that need to be done before you prepare your camera and start to shoot. Sometimes the basics of video production like malfunctioning of buttons, low batteries etc are overlooked and leads to wastage of time and effort. Camera and its essential components are not the lonely things that you require but also you need to create an adequate backup of other important tools including hard drives, tapes, slot state cards etc.

Review Your Requirements
Even when all the planning is said and done, you will still find something that will please your eyes and ears. These things will play an important role in determining the quality of light, shooting or audio. Financial analysis also has to be done at this stage. Also, there are lots of needs that are not very obvious but you should still sit and write them all down.

Video production is fun and easy. However, it requires a lot of dedication and hard work. There are multiple ways to go about it; however your approach towards video production has to be systematic and carefully planned. The more you plan first, the more flexibility you will get during the course of the shoot.

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