How to Become a Successful Actor in India

(Posted On: 24-09-2015)

Successful actors are famous and well paid in India. It is not easy to become an established actor in India. Since the profession is highly paid and glamorous, many wrong people without any acting talent have crowded the market.

To become a successful actor in India you need to try your luck in the Hindi film industry. Theater work does not pay well in India. On the other hand movie actors are high-profile and well-paid.

There are several ways to get entry in Bollywood as an actor. One way is to directly approach film production companies and filmmakers. You should get a good portfolio made and distribute it to film production companies. You must hire a good professional photographer to get your portfolio done. Amateurish photographs will get you no work in the film industry. If a film director or a film producer likes you photo then they may call you for an audition for a movie. You must keep giving as many auditions as possible. You may get lucky any day. Once you become a struggler in Bollywood you will develop contacts, which may help you get information about venues and timing of auditions. You should try your luck in as many auditions as possible. You never know when you get lucky. Once a filmmaker selects you for a role in a film you are set for a film career.

Another way to get a film career is to enter the world of modeling. Many models have turned actors in India. Many filmmakers keep visiting modeling events. If they like your face then they may offer a role to you. India has seen models like John Abraham establishing themselves as actors in Bollywood. If you are a female model you have a better chance to be selected for a film role as most filmmakers look for just beauty in female actors.

Another way to become an actor in India is to take the theater route. You must join a respected theater group and start acting in plays. Many successful film actors are also active in theater. They may just like your performance and recommend your name to a filmmaker. Many film directors also come to watch plays. If they like your acting you have a good chance of getting selected for a film role. Once film director Raj Kumar Hirai came to watch a play in Mumbai. He was so impressed by performance of Boman Irani that he offered an important role in his debut film Munnabhai MBBS. Boman Irani was then a photographer by profession. The box office success of Munnabhai MBBS launched his Bollywood career. Several theater actors like Irrfan Khan and Naseeruddin Shah have made great careers in the film industry.

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