Gyaan Adab Short Film Competition

Gyaan Adab is hosting a Short Film Competition and is now open for entries. The literary center brings people together by conducting workshops, public interactions, and many other creative programs. Focusing on making literature available to masses; from new creative works to old established literary, the Gyaan Adab center is committed to fostering the enjoyment of language, literature and the arts for recreational and creative purposes. The center also provides courses to children, youngsters, and adults in various domains, from skill enhancement to various recreational courses.
What Is It All About

The Gyaan Adab center is hosting a Festival of the Arts from 4th to 6th of December in Pune. The festival aims at bringing together an exciting bouquet of dance, theater, music, cinema, literature from established and emerging artists of India. This will be the first time in the country where various art forms are coming together with one common theme - Journeys. Conveying the same theme (Journeys), participants can submit their films in any of the two categories:

1. Animated Short Film

An animated film is created by using a frame-by-frame technique, and usually falls into one of the two general fields of animation: character or abstract. Some of the techniques of animating films include cell animation, computer animation, stop-motion, clay animation, pixilation, cutouts, pins, camera multiple pass imagery, kaleidoscopic effects, and drawing on the film frame itself.

2. Live Action Short Film

A live action film uses live action techniques as the basic medium of entertainment.

Individuals or group who wish to enter the competition must register their names by 31st October, 2015.
Once registered, the participants will have to submit the film by 25th November, 2015.

Rules & Regulations:

1. Running time for each video: Maximum Fifteen (15) minutes, including any titles and/or credits. Entries longer than Fifteen (15) minutes will be disqualified.

2. The Competition is open solely to original, newly-created Entries, or original, previously-created Entries which have not been distributed to the public (including, without limitation, display on the YouTube Website, posting elsewhere on the internet, theatrical distribution, television broadcast or any other public dissemination) .

3. Entries may be submitted in one of the following languages: English, Hindi.

4. Winners will be notified of their selection via email on or about 1st December 2015.

For any queries, you can write to
Entry Fees

Each submission will be charged 250 ? (Two Hundred and Fifty Rupees)
Submission & Contact Details

One must register their names on Individuals or group should send the DVD via post along with registration fees and signed copy of Rules in Detail to the following address:

Plot no. 30, Road No. 3C,
South Avenue, Kalyani Nagar,
Yerawada, Pune 411006.

Phone: +91 20 6521 7333

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