How To Behave BackStage?

So just go through the following list as it’s backstage manners: which we need to know:

  1. Be polite. Remember to say thank you and sorry when it’s due. Everybody working around you are doing their job and it’s equally important.
  2. People working in Costume/ Wardrobe department are artists too. Never and I mean NEVER treat the wardrobe department with disrespect. Hang your clothes after you’ve worn them. Honor and thank them for all their hard work.
  3. Remember names. All the people working around you, from your PA to your hairstylist, remember all their names as they are putting as much of their time and hard work into the project as you. So they deserve your respect and gratitude.
  4. No cribbing and whining. There is nothing more annoying than a whiner on the set. So what you came in early and your scene was pushed at the end of the day? It happens so get over it.
  5. If its tight in the dressing room, its going to miserably uncomfortable on the set. So make sure that whatever you wear fits you or at least allows you to be comfortable on the stage.
  6. Hit the bed on time. Don’t stay up late or go out partying just because you think you can take it. Your body might be able to but your brain will go into exhaustion mode and it’s the last thing you want when you are trying to nail your part.